5 Important things About Mount Agung Trekking Tour

5 Important things About Mount Agung Trekking Tour

5 Important things About Mount Agung Trekking Tour

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5 Important things About Mount Agung Trekking Tour is information you should know before decided take a tour to the highest volcano in the Island.  This will be very useful for reader because we write the 5 important things About Mount Agung Trekking Tour only for who seriously want concur challenging sunrise trekking in Bali. Before you decide to make your hike of this high volcano, it will be better idea to read this article. Here bellow 5 important things About Mount Agung Trekking Tour you should before you go hiking and trekking in Mount Agung.

5 Important things About Mount Agung Trekking Tour

1. Mount Agung is the highest mountain in Bali

5 Important things About Mount Agung Trekking Tour

Sunrise bellow summit of Mount Agung.

There are 5 mountains is Bali you can concur in Bali while you vacation to our beautiful Island, they are Mount Batur for mount Batur sunrise trekking or mount Batur sunset trekking, Mount Abang for mount Abang sunrise trekking and day jungle trekking, Batur cadera for Batur caldera camping or Batur caldera sunrise trekking, Mount Batur Karu for day Jungle trekking and Mount Agung for Mount agung sunrise trekking or overnight camping. 4 other mountain smaller then Mount Agung, it’s the biggest and the highest mountain in the Island. During your vacation in Bali, perhaps you will have changes for Bali Hiking tor or Bali trekking tour Package but you should know each characteristic of the mountains. Some of them have jungle, rock, sand, rice field and many more. The interesting thing about Mount Agung Trekking tour is provides challenging trail. This mountain suitable for truth adventure, not suitable for newbie hikers, it stands on 3,031 meters above sea level.

2. There are available two common hiking trails

5 Important things About Mount Agung Trekking Tour

Trail challenging via pura pasar look like.

There are available two common hiking trails to reach the summit of Mount Agung, one from Besakih Temple and the other one from Pasar Agung Temple. If you take trail from Besakih temple, you will go directly to the summit, to the actual summit 3,142 meters above sea level. This is the longer and the challenging one. If you’ll go to the shorter and less challenging you can take via Pura pasar ( Pasar Agung Temple) but you can’t reach the actual summit, it will be bellow around 150 meter from summit of Besakih temple, precisely jut until rim of the crater. If you have got fitness level we recommended take via Besakih temple. From Besakih can take about 12 hours up and down and from Pura Pasar ( Pasar Agung Temple) can take about 8 hours.

3. Extreme Temperature on the summit during bad weather

5 Important things About Mount Agung sunrise Trekking Tour

During extreme weather like this, nothing to see from 3,142 meter above sea level.

Mount Agung is 3,142 Meters above sea level of course the temperature on the summit extreme during bad weather. It can be 10 to 5 degrees on the summit but its depending of the weather, if rains, windy and cloudy the temperature can be 2 degrees but in good weather can be 10 to 14 degrees. This is normal temperature of mount Agung because towering very high position.  The ascent to Mount Agung normally began in the mid night, it usually warm but once you reach position above 2000 meters the temperature getting low, you might need jacket. However, you need to keep first your jacket because it will be useful once you reaching the summit while waiting sunrise. So please provide your good jacket plus layers, it to anticipate in case extreme weather.

4. You Might do Camping in the middle of the mountain

5 Important things About Mount Agung Trek Tour

Can do camping in the middle of mountain.

If you want began you Mount Agung trekking for sunrise the best way is began in the evening, you can camp in the middle of the mountain, precisely in Kori Agung (name of the place where you can camp before continue your trip to the summit). You can spend your night here then wake up around 3.30 a.m to continue your hike. For those of you who are not enough energy to concur Mount Agung in one night, camping in the middle of Mount Agung is the best choose. Sunrise trekking to mount agung combine with one night camping is exciting tour package.

5. The sacred Mountain for Balinese Hindu religion

As Balinese Hindu believes, Mount Agung is the sacred one mountain in Bali. We believe mount Agung is the home of Gods, so that why in the foot of the mountain stand the biggest temple in Bali called Besakih Temple, Pasar Agung Temple in the east and small temple on the summit. Every early moth of April to Early March there is held big ceremony in Besakih Temple and the mountain closed around 1 moth for sunrise hike via Besakih. It usually start from 5th Aril to 02nd of March will be close, so remember do not plan your Mount Agung sunrise trekking or Mount Agung trekking tour during that month especially via Besakih temple because your plan will be failed.  Another thing should you know especially for woman, who on menstruation period or pregnant not allowed to hikes Mount Agung.

Those are the 5 important things About Mount Agung Trekking Tour before deciding to make a hike on Mount Agung Trekking Trails. This will be useful information for you to prepare well and get your best hiking adventure in Mount Agung while your holiday in our beautiful Island.


  • 08.30 pm – 11.45 pm: Pick up time from your lobby accommodation.
  • 10.45 pm: Arrival at the starting point then introduction to guide.
  • 11.00 pm: Start hike, it  will take around 6 hours.
  • 05.45 am: Reaching the summit, and enjoying views and having breakfast.
  • 07.00 am: Exploring the summit crater and then descend.
  • 11.30 am: Arrive back at finish point and the departure.
  • 13.00 am: Back to the hotel.


  • Experienced English speaking driver and trekking guides.
  • Light breakfast (bread, egg, hot drink, fruits, biscuits).
  • Flashlights/torch & safety equipment.
  • Entrance fees/tickets & parking fee.
  • Mineral water during the journey.


  • Nusa Dua / Jimbaran      08.30 pm
  • Kuta / Seminyak            08.40 pm
  • Sanur    9.00 pm
  • Ubud     9.30 pm


NB: Discount applied for minimum 3 participants

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