Reasons Why You Should Be Trying to Hike Mount Batur Bali Occasionally

Reasons Why You Should Be Trying to Hike Mount Batur Bali Occasionally

Each climber certainly had reason own reason why the hike Mount Batur Bali, but for you who may have never climbed mountain in entire your live you should try to take mount Batur sunrise trekking tour while in Bali, so what is your  motivation to reach the second highest point in Bali? Well, here bellow common the reasons why you should be trying to hike Mount Batur Bali Occasionally. [us_message icon=”fa-suitcase”] If you interesting to do the  sunrise trekking in [...]

Best deal mount batur sunrise trek the end of the year

There are over 1000 peoples everyday hunters sunrise in Bali, not only from beaches all around Bali but the hunters also climbing mountain to catch the best sunrise during their vacation to Bali. Here we are offers best deal mount batur sunrise trek the end of the year. The best deal we crated for everyone who have plan to do sunrise tour to while visit Bali between November and December. During hiking mount Batur Bali. As know mount Batur Bali [...]

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking tour

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Tour – If you have plan in the end of the year to visit Bali it’s worth looking at the sunrise on top of Mount Batur. The beauty can be pitted with the sunrise on top of the other mountains in the world. Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking tour The beauty of Bali not only the beautiful beaches, but also a beauty of mountains you may explore. For the traveler who likes to hike, don’t miss to take [...]

Climbing Mount Batur Really for Beginner?

If talking about Bali the things in your mind is beaches and beaches right? “Forget all of it. Climbing Mount Batur really for Beginners? Right! It takes only 2 hours walk uphill to reach the Summit of Mount Batur, it easy trek for a novice climber/people who have never been trekking? I think that opinion is wrong. For me this does not mean the ascent of Mount batur is difficult, but not as easy as it is for these [...]

Experience climbing Mount Batur

Experiences Climbing Mount Batur

Well, we’ll tell you how our experiences climbing Mount Batur most people had, but firstly I want explain a bit about  Mount Batur. Mount Batur is one of mountains in Bali which had erupted in 1917. However, even a lot of people this mountain despite the mountain still active but it safety for hiking. The actual Summit of Mount Batur has an altitude of 5633 feet or approximately 1717 meters above sea level. On the east slopes of the mountain [...]

It is safe climbing mount Batur during mount agung eruption?

It is safe climbing mount Batur during mount Agung eruption?

It is safe climbing mount Batur during mount agung eruption? Or it is safe to visit Bali during mount agung eruption? That most people search on Google lately regarding the safety climbing mount Batur, of course that information very important for everyone who will visit mount Batur for sunrise or for other trekking activities because safety in number one for everyone. To answer that question, here I give information about safety hiking mount Batur during Mount Agung high alert [...]

Mount Batur Private Tour

Mount Batur private tour – There are various tour to Mount Batur offered by agencies or company in Bali but not all of them offered Mount Batur private tour. This private trekking tour will be one of the best outdoor activities in the Island and also the most people doing during their holiday to Bali. The reason why this sunrise trekking become popular because the sunrise absolutely beautiful and the panorama entries volcano as well. This Mount Batur private [...]

Mount Batur Trekking Tips

Mount Batur Trekking Tips– There are hundred climbers climbing mount batur every day for watching sunrise from the top of Mount Batur. Base of that phenomena, here I Jero Susun have idea to writhe the tips of Mount Batur Trekking with the aim that readers can get positive point to prepare mount Batur trekking tour. Here bellow my mount Batur trekking tips for you: If unteresting to explore Jungle of Bali or waterfall you cab choose our package Bali Jungle [...]

10 Things Should You Expect and Prepare for Trekking up Mount Batur before Sunrise

Is it Safe to Climb Mount Batur

Is it Safe to Climb Mount Batur – There are over 200 visitors climbing mount Batur every day, most of the want to know about safety climbing this volcano. The question are is it safe to climbing mount Batur? How cold the temperature on top of mount Batur? and how I must prepare my self before ahead mount Batur? Base on that question here I want answer about safety climbing mount Batur because this very important information for everyone [...]

Mount Batur Guide Price

Mount Batur Guide Price – There are various agencies or company worldwide or in Bali offered service guide up to Mount Batur for sunrise trek, sunset trek or day trek but each agencies or company has own price. To know the actual price local guide of Mount Batur, here I personally want to share all about it. I hope by reading this article everyone understood why each agencies or company has different rate, what make it different and how [...]