Mount Batur Guide Price

Mount Batur Guide Price – There are various agencies or company worldwide or in Bali offered service guide up to Mount Batur for sunrise trek, sunset trek or day trek but each agencies or company has own price. To know the actual price local guide of Mount Batur, here I personally want to share all about it. I hope by reading this article everyone understood why each agencies or company has different rate, what make it different and how [...]

Mount Batur Trekking Route

Mount Batur Trekking Route

Mount Batur Trekking Route – There are lot of people searching for Mount Batur Trekking Route or Mount Batur Trekking maps for hiking up to mount Batur for enjoying magical paradise of Bali. Here writer love share to you the right route of Mount Batur trekking or Mount Batur sunrise trekking might useful for your trip. There available three main of  Mount Batur  Sunrise Trekking Route you can choose to reach the top of Batur volcano. You may see [...]

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Price

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Price – Do you know how much cost of Mount Batur sunrise trekking tour, hoe much average for private tour or for sharing tour, is there any discount for group tour? That are most people asking before they decided book mount Batur for sunrise, sunset or for day trek. By reading this article I hope everyone who looking for information about Mount Batur Trekking Price, Mount Batur hiking price, Batur volcano trekking price or Mount [...]

mount batur day trip

Mount Batur Trekking Difficulty

Mount Batur Trekking Difficulty – There are many reasons why you have considered hiking mount Batur Bali during your vacation, why? Because mount Batur is one of the famous volcano in Bali that suitable visit for every level physically fitness, here I would like discuss more detail about difficulty of mount Batur trekking or mount Batur Trekking Difficulty might useful for reader who want climb mount Batur. Classics of difficulty hiking up to the top of mount Batur depending [...]

Climbing mount agung without a guide

Climbing Mount Agung Without a Guide

Climbing Mount Agung Without a Guide – Trekking mount Agung without a guide is climbing up to the biggest and harder volcano in Bali alone. This is another way to conquered Mount Agung without anyone accompanies or led your way to the summit of Mount Agung Bali. Climbing without guide not recommended for experiences or novice climber because there big risk waiting you if climbing by your own. Despite can save your package money but this climbing can be threatening [...]

Mount Agung vs Mount Batur

Mount Agung vs Mount Batur

Mount Agung vs Mount Batur  – Climbing a volcano in Bali might not be an famous outdoor activities before but lately it become of the best outdoor activities you can do while travel to Bali. Although Bali have wide beaches from one coast to another coast, clean waters just waiting to be swum in and still many more. If you have planning travel to Bali or you visit Bali amount of time or stay in Bali for amount of [...]

10 Things Should You Expect and Prepare for Trekking up Mount Batur before Sunrise

10 Things Should You Expect and Prepare for Trekking up Mount Batur before Sunrise

10 Things Should You Expect and Prepare for Trekking up Mount Batur before Sunrise – Mount Batur (Batur volcano) is the most active volcano the Island and it eruption several times since 1,963 and the last was recorded on 2,000, 17 years ago. Lately, Mount Batur (Batur volcano) visited by traveler over 250 visitors every day, most of them hike for sunrise or well-known Mount Batur Trekking or Mount Batur Sunrise trekking. Mount Batur (Batur volcano) summit sits at 1,717 [...]

Mount batur sunrise trekking Ubud

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Ubud

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Ubud is the popular one sunrise trekking start from and the close one location pick up for Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking tour. By start pick up in Ubud area driver will drive only 1 hours till the base camp of starting point in Toyabungkah village. Usually driver will pick up participant of climber at 2.30 am t0 2.45 am and directly drive to Toyabungkah, here in Toyabungkah the guides waiting and ready to guided up [...]

Jero mount batur trekking guide

Jero Mount Batur Trekking Guide

Jero Mount Batur Trekking Guide – are you looking for recommended mount batur trekking guide? Yes I do! Here I have experiences local guide for you! Jero is a man who born and grow up just on the foot of Batur volcano Bali. His full name is I Jero Susun but his popular name is Jero or Jerro. Since 6 years old he climb mount Batur very often and he did over then 2000 time. If you are looking [...]

Mount Agung trekking difficulty via Besakih Temple

Mount Agung Trekking Difficulty

Mount Agung trekking difficulty is kind difficulty of Mount Agung trekking or mount agung sunrise trekking during hike up to the summit of the mountain. The class of difficulty base on two things, there are starting point of hike and month of hike. By providing information about difficulty of hiking mount Agung I hope reader can learn more characteristic of mount Agung and able decided which one trekking tour will they take and from where they will start to concur mount [...]