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5 best trekking in Bali

5 Best Trekking in Bali

Mountbatursunrisetrekking.net – Bali is one of the Islands in Indonesia that offers exotic and breathtaking trekking opportunities, two an active volcanoes and more than 5 mountains that ready to explore. Base on a lot Mountains available to climb, exploring the 5 best trekking in Bali is the best way to feel the truth paradise of Bali. Not only explore and experience the beauty of panoramic views and amazing selfie to take home, but the spirit of the Island will [...]

Batur caldera camping

Batur Caldera Camping

Batur Caldera Camping – Do you want stunning sunrise but won’t wake up early morning and sacrifice your sleep? Yes! Batur caldera camping is your best answer! Batur caldera camping is the best way enjoying magnificent views of Batur caldera Bali without any effort to wake at 2 am in your hotel because you will sleep on the top of Batur caldera spot with camping tents. This Batur Caldera overnight camping located in Batur Caldera Mountain ‘called Bubung Gede’, [...]