Climbing mountain is an activity that most doing by young generation, it also allow climbers explore and feel the truth freedom of life. Climbing mountain also train you’re physical and mental. Not only those values you can add, climbing mountain, it also teaches us about the philosophy of life. What’s it? Here bellow write a series of 10 Philosophy climbing mount Batur Bali will change your life 180 Degrees.

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Climbing together with friends will more colorful, same as our life will be happy if live together.

1. Before hike mount Batur you need to set goals in advance, will climb to the top or not, similarly in life.

The goal of people climb mount Batur is not always same. You need to be able to assess your ability of and your desire. Climbing mount Batur should not be until to the top, you can just stay in the middle of the mountain and stunning the view from where you thing the best. Life is like hiking to mount Batur too. Before doing anything, you have to establish what the purpose of your life. No need to imitating others just set something that you think you can accomplish.

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2. Prepare a plan, equipment and your physically condition for being able to reach the target you want accomplish.

Climbing mount Batur is not the same as walking to the parks. Terrain and situations of the path will you pass will be difficult and outguessed. So you have to be careful. Plan the date of hike, climbing path, point of break and well equipment preparation and ensure your condition is fit. Climbing without any plan will destroyed your trip, so this is not messing around. In the course of life as well, we should always start by plan, and step by step and everything will goes well.

3. You can hike Mount Batur alone, but it would be better if you walked with a friend and a guide.

Terrain and difficult path will feel lighter and safety when you have friends and a guide during your hike. It will be good you look for friends and hire a guide who wants to climb with you. Alone make you hike past but with friends and guide will make you go a step further and safety. As well as lived, even though you think you can go alone, trust me you need a friend or leader to life.

4. You will realize that it’s not about conquering the Mount Batur, but to conquer yourself.

Difficult, challenges and situations that would makes you think to give up. Tiring, breezing and windy reason for you to give up, you will be aware that the hike mount Batur is not about conquering nature, but to conquer yourself. As well as lived, being great is not about conquering the world, but defeated your emotional and become great human being.

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5. To reach the Summit need struggle and sacrifice, isn’t life too?

Concurred peak of Mount Batur requires struggle and sacrifice a lot of energy, each climber felt it. There is not available transport, helicopter or other think can bring yourself, and you have to walk up to the summit.  Same with life’s journey, there’s nothing instant in this world. If you want to reach your goal by a lot of effort, sacrifice and fight for. There will always fetch barriers and obstacles that you must pass to reach your goal and become success.

6. If you want to get or see something awesome, come out of my comfort zone.

Mount Batur is not a comfort zone for everyone, there are still many mountain might better that Mount Batur. To see the beautiful scenery that takes a lot of process and it not easy. Try another mountain mean you venture out of the comfort zone to find better views. Same with living life, success always comes for those who venture out of my comfort zone who can fight with any challenge.

7. Known, our body is not a engine. Once in a while we need a short break.

While mountain climbing mount Batur you will know there is a limit to the human for activity. In order to make your journey to the top smoothly, you need a break to recharge your energy. Similarly in life, in between busies work you need take a rest and holidays. Because life flat without the “break” your life thus will not be happy.

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8. Climbing mount Batur makes you aware, there are many good people in this world who still want to help.

While climbing a Mount Batur, you will meet with various human characters. However, one thing is certain that when ye are in a difficult path, there will be some people who help you. Either offer help such as drinks or simply provide support you. As well as lived, the world is still a lot of good people who will accompany and help you because human beings are basically good and caring, basically if you are also helpful or kind person.

9. You will feel small and powerless after arriving at the Summit of Mount Batur.

When you arrived at the Summit, there is a sense of happy in heart. You made it through all the obstacles to get here. This complacency will only few minutes, the next you will realize that you are actually very small point in the world. There’s gratitude for all the favors given by God.

10. You understand the meaning of home. Family is everything.

The goal of climb mount Batur not only reach the summit, but returned home safely too. Here you will be realized that home is the best one to give you protection and warmth, you can’t find it on the top of Mount Batur. This will make you better interpret sense of the home, always trying to go home, where you are born. So what beautifully, what amazing in some place where not you belong, then family and hometown is the best.

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That all about 10 Philosophy climbing mount Batur Bali will change your life 180 Degrees, climbing mountain is equal to live life. You need humility, strategies, consistency and constancy of intention to arrive at what you want.