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3 Preparations to Climb Mount Batur After the Corona Pandemic

Bali, – Coronavirus outbreak forces everyone to stay home for a while, so especially tourism sector, this condition practically makes tourism activities stop a while such as climbing Mount Batur. Even while at home, climbers can prepare their own to be used when tourism activities reopened. Here Are 3 Preparations to Climb Mount Batur After the Corona Pandemic.

3 Preparations to Climb Mount Batur After the Corona Pandemic
3 Preparations to Climb Mount Batur After the Corona Pandemic

1. Maintain Physical Condition.

While at Home Before climbing, climbers should maintain their physical condition while stay at home. Maintaining stamina and physical is very necessary when going on a hike after the pandemic ends but especially hike mount Batur Bali no need much preparation because the hike very easy. During at home, You can do light sports such as jogging, push-ups, sit ups, and so on.

2. Adding Climbing Science by Reading or Asking Questions.

After maintaining physical condition as the main thing to prepare for climbing, people can also add knowledge about volcanology (climb mount Batur). During pandemic, you will have more free time at home. It can be used to search for literature or books online on the internet that discuss about climbing mountain or climbing Mount Batur Bali.

Preparing mountain equipment.

The other important thing is to prepare climbing equipment before go, to equipment should you prepare not much because climb Mount Batur not as hard as climb Mount Agung. The equipment a must such as Shoes, Bag, flashlight, jacket musk, glove and other personal needs. To get those things, no need to leave the house, you can buy all the equipment through online delivery. There are many outdoor shops selling mountain equipment currently provide online delivery services. Just order the item you want, and wait for it to arrive at your house.

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So that 3 Preparations to climb Mount Batur after the Corona Pandemic, I hope by reading this short article you can get some information you may needed. Thank you for visit our website, see you on the top.

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