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5 Amazing Things to do Around Mount Batur

5 Amazing things to do around Mount Batur you should know before visit Mount Batur Bali or Kintamani area. Mount Batur Bali or Kintamani area as one of the famous tourist destination in the Island. There are millions of travelers visit and enjoying magnificent beauty of the Mount Batur and its caldera while they travel to Bali. If you’re in Bali right now, this is the best time in your life to visit Mount Batur and Kintamani area. There is not only Mount Batur Sunrise trekking tour you can do but there are another 5 Amazing things to do around Mount Batur while visit Kintamani are. Many people say, know first the place will you visit, so by knowledgeable the place you can manage your trip. Here bellow 5 Amazing things to do around Mount Batur.

5 Amazing Things to do Around Mount Batur

1. Soaking Natural Hot Spring after hike.

5 Amazing Things to do Around Mount Batur
Soak Natural Hot Spring

If you do Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking tour or well-known mount Batur trekking don’t miss Natural Hot Spring, there is in the button of Batur volcano available Natural Hot Spring you can soak as long as you want or realized your tight muscle after log journey to the top of Batur volcano, we offer package called Mount Batur Trekking and Natura Hot spring. Natural hot spring is the place where produce hot water from underground, it located in Toyabungkah village. Here you will have chance to enjoy amazing views of Lake Batur and experiencing the hit of natural spring water. The best time visit this attraction in early in the morning before 11 am to get a very interesting sight.

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2. Camping ground in N’jung Bali Camp

5 Amazing Things to do Around Mount Batur
N’jung Bali Camp Songan ( Copyright

As people known, Lake Batur offers wonderful panoramic views with Mount Abang and wide Lake Background.  There is one best place for camping called N’jung Bali Camp you can take if you want do onenight camping nearby Lake Batur.  It located on the edge of Lake Batur to the West, perciseli in Banjar Dalem , Songan village. N’jung Bali Camp offers a pleasant camping experience on the edge of the Lake. This place provided several of equipment of camping, even grill fish, fire wood, tent and many more.  N’jung Bali Camp suitable for you who want to enjoy the atmosphere of the night with millions of start in the sky with family or friend.

3. Cycling around the foot of Batur Vocano

5 Amazing Things to do Around Mount Batur
Cycling on the foot of Batur volcano ( Copyright

If you love to explore Batur volcano area, cycling tour around the foot of Mount Batur is the best chooses.  This cycling tour allows guests to spend a fill day exploring the cool climes of Batur volcano and enjoying view of lava from 1,904 and 1963. The tour begins with a dawn ascent to the black lava flow from 1.963 then surrounding the foot of Batur volcano and finish in Toyabungkah vilage.  Along the way we pass through black lava, villages and beautufl view of Lake Batur. This tour suitable for you who want semi adventure cycling and feel the truth lava flow from 1.963.

4. Canoeing at the Lake Batur

5 Amazing Things to do Around Mount Batur
Canoe in the lake Batur ( Copyright

Another things to do around Mount Batur is canoeing at the Lake Batur, enjoy this magical Lake views and tranquil experience surrounded by fresh Air and holy mountains and also local fishermen. This lake nested under shadows of Batur volcano and Abang mountain made this lake has magnificent views. Here opportunity to paddle the lake by traditional canoe, this is the only one water sport can you do in Lake Batur, and canoe adventure will be one of few that have an opportunity to float on a lake in the middle of a giant volcanic crater.

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5. Fishing in the Lake Batur

5 Amazing Things to do Around Mount Batur
Fishing in the lake Batur ( Copyright

Beside of Canoeing in the lake, you have opportunity to do fishing too, Trolling Fishing Tour and Boat Charter Fishing Tour. This Bali Fishing To or is the best way takes you to the game of fishing area around Toyabungkah Village. You’ll troll your fishing rod to the lake to catch big Tilafia fish or other fish in the Lake.  While fishing, all of you can enjoy beautiful views of Lake with its green mountain background and fish farm surrounding the area. Spend your day fishing with top quality fishing equipment then cook the fish by the lake with local menus in the best way to avoid hustle and bustle city live.

That all 5 Amazing things to do around Mount Batur might useful for you before visit Batur volcano or Kintamani, if there any idea to fill the rest of information I provided in this site or want to book tour you may contact me through WhatsApp at +6281246382362 or Email us at

Rate: Each tour rate between 55 USD/pax to 80 USD/pax

Nb: In one reservation minimal 2 participants

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