– Bali is one of the Islands in Indonesia that offers exotic and breathtaking trekking opportunities, two an active volcanoes and more than 5 mountains that ready to explore. Base on a lot Mountains available to climb, exploring the 5 best trekking in Bali is the best way to feel the truth paradise of Bali. Not only explore and experience the beauty of panoramic views and amazing selfie to take home, but the spirit of the Island will always stay in your mind. The impression on your soul wills always missing Bali and want to come back again and again, here bellow 5 best trekking in Bali you should try.

On the top of Mt. Batur, one of 5 best trekking in Bali

1. Trekking to Mount Batur

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking known as the best and the famous sunrise trek in Bali and as cornerstone experience for any traveller who visit Bali. As an active volcano, mount Batur wroth to visit and it just 1,717 meters above sea level.  The trek will depart at 03.30 am, you will take two hours to the summit and witness the transition from a star filled night to bright morning horizon. Breathtaking views over the caldera and Lake Batur made sunrise absolutely beautiful. The plus trip able to do is saking Natural hot spring after long journey on Mount Batur.  This an epic adventure experiences not to be missed in Bali!

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2. Trekking to Mount Agung

Are you adventure lover? You should take a path to conquer the highest point on the island. This volcano are really active since November 2017 and still eruption till today. For you who love to conquer this mountain should wait until the mountain open for visit. Trekking to Mount Agung is demanding and challenging but well worth the 6 hours climb if start from Besakih temple. If you want less trek, can be choose the other path, it via Pasar Agung Agung by 4 hours. The view from the summit slightly quite literally takes your breath away.

3. Trekking to Batur Caldera

Trekking to Batur caldera is short trekking to stun wonderful sunrise and double views of ocen and Lake, this trek a bit different if compare with trekking to Mount Batur. The tek take only 50 inutes to the top, the ebst time strat at 05.00 am and will arrive to the top before 6 am once the sky chage from the dark to yellow and step by step get brigt to blue. So for you who want stunning beautiful sunrise with short trekking, Batur caldera sunrise trek in the right choice!

4. Trekking to Sambangan

Trekking is another choice if you love to do water activities such as jumping, sliding and swimming. Ssambangan located Northern Bali, precisely in Sukasada district, Singaraja regency.  A long the trek will pass wide rice terrace, local fruits and other local plantation as well. The trek can be done by 1 hour till Aling-aling waterfall. The next trip will visit other waterfall where you can do Jumping, Sliding and swim as long as you want without limited time. This trek should put in your Bali trip itinerary!

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5. Trekking to Sekumpul Waterfall

Trekking to Sekumpul waterfall is one of the most scenic natural attractions in Bali especially for soaking waterfall. The waterfall is containing with six to seven resources and fall in to the bottom the canyon together. The water very clean and fresh, if you stand under the waterfall you will feel like you are in a different world. This trek can do via 2 ways, if you love jungle trekking can start from Lemukih by 1.5hours trek and the other one via Sawan village can be 45 minutes by going down to over 200 stairs, this waterfall very beautiful and nominated as the best waterfall in Indonesia archipelago.

That all trekking in Bali you should try, if you love jungle trekking can choose Sambangan or Sekumpul, if love volcano trek can choose Mount Batur, Batur Caldera or Mount Agung (mount Agung stil closed). So grab your camera and your hiking boots, prepare for a journey for Bali adventure and venture into the 5 best trekking in Bali.