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5 Reasons Why Mount Batur is Worth a Visit – Have not decided to climb Mount Batur or not? Do not let regret not miss Mount Batur Bali. Climbers would agree that Mount Batur is amazing! We can said, Mount Batur is a must visit while visit Bali, Mount Batur has become part of their small dreams. The excitement of Mount Batur managed to attract people to visit how beautiful this volcano. More pride again, mount Batur able to attract many foreign every day, over 200 people come and visit this volcano. Ask why? Here’s 5 Reasons Why Mount Batur is Worth a Visit.

1. Mount Batur has a beautiful Lake

If Mout Rinjani has Segara Anak, is Semeru has Ranu Kumbolo, but in Mount Batur has beautiful lake called Lake Batur. The natural scenery of Lake Batur made every traveler amazed with the panorama offered, absolutely amazing. Old lave from eruption, huge Caldera, and the sparkling water of the lake becomes a glimpse of heavenly pleasures of the world, absolutely worth to visit.

2. There is a natural hot spring bath.

No need any effort to soaking Natural Hot Spring after hike, just walk couple of minutes from where are you start your hike then jum to the hot water. On the east slope of Mount Batur, precisely by the Lake has a natural hot spring bath. Once tired after climbing, they can soak and realized the tight muscle, this is amazing experiences and one of 5 Reasons Why Mount Batur is Worth a Visit

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3. Can boil eggs at the top of mountain.

Yes this is true, if you have fresh Egg or Banana you can boil it on the top of the mountain because there are available a lot of hot spot can boil your breakfast. Just put the fresh Egg or Banana waiting 10 minute and take back, it ready to eat. This common activity on the top of Mount Batur that do with your guide, almost 100% guide will cooked your breakfast on the ground by volcanic hot steam. This is amazing right?

4. Dedicated as mountain for novice in Indonesia

As we know Mount Batur is the famous and the best Mountain to climb in Indonesia for every level of fitness. If you are novice climber, Mount Batur is the right choice. The hike just took 2hours ascent and 2 hours descent, the level of climb is easy to moderates everyone able to climb Mount Batur. This the reason why Mount Batur became the best choice for novice climbers and the best destinations mountain in Indonesia.

5. The best sunrise spot in Indonesia

If you are visit Mount Batur most of people want to capture sunrise from the peak of this mountain. A lot of people compare the beauty sunrise in Indonesia but sunrise from top of Mount Batur is the best and the beautiful one. Imagine that, the sun come up from right position of Rinjani Mountain in the distance, huge Mount Agung and Mount Abang as background (precisely left side of the sun position raised) beside of that, huge caldera will competed the landscape once sun come up and change the color from dark to yellow and bright. So you must experiences this amazing sunrise in Bali and this one of 5 Reasons Why Mount Batur is Worth a Visit

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That all 5 Reasons Why Mount Batur is Worth a Visit, lest come and explore mountain in Bali, visit what the best one and bring memorable experiences of Bali vacation. See you on the top.

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