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6 equipment should you know before hike mount batur

To climb mount Batur you should know 6 Equipment should you know before hike mount batur. Trekking to the mountain/Mountain climbing is not just an adventure tour, but it more to the sports activities, leisure and personal Art. Moreover climbing mountain is interesting outdoor activities and it contains some risk especially for women climbers or newbie climbers.

Nowadays, male or female climbers are booming, even though climbing mountain is dangerous activities. This problem you must know because there are many climbers can’t survive during their adventure with a variety of causes and it includes evidence that climbing mountain have a big risk (especially climbing big mountain). To anticipate that risk, bellow 6 equipment should you know before hike mount batur, we write this article to give some information to prepare your self before take Mount Batur Sunrise trekking tour:

6 Equipment should you know before hike mount batur

1. First aid While

This is the first thing you must bring for Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking tour, there include:

  • First-aid manual, adhesive tape, elastic bandage.
  • Sterile gauze pads of different sizes.
  • Adhesive bandages in several sizes.
  • A splint, antiseptic wipes and soap.

That all you should prepare for First Aid kit, take that if you need more because you know and understand about your own.

2. Wear clothes which can quickly dry out

The right clothes used for climb mount Batur is a fast drying. While your hike of course your body will produced more sweat. The impact of the excessive sweat can make our clothes become wet and if wear for too long certainly will onset of health problems such as Hypothermia.

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3. Bring Jacket and hat

Despite the temperature on the summit of mount Batur between 15 to 18 Degrees before sunrise but Jacket and hat very important because in someday the temperature can be 10 degrees. Jacket can  ­­­­­keep the warmth of our body especially on mountain conditions-temperature is very cold and hat can protect your face from sunburn while descent.

4. Proper boots

Shoes is one of important climbing equipment you should wear, the difficult part and terrain obstacles clearly demanding climbers to have proper shoes that are suitable for climbing. Some important things you should know are type of shoes that has the best quality will protect the foot from severe injury when climbing, it can be shoes with good gear.

5. Camera.

Traveling and photography is one package and can’t separate. There are none traveler who doesn’t take picture while they travel. The best photograph is one of the most interesting landscape object that take by camera. So before hike mount Batur don’t forget bring your camera, it will be problem if you forget bring your camera.

6. Sunscreen

Beside of all above, sunscreen very important because while descent the sun can be strong, sunscreen can be useful to protect your skin.

That all 6 equipment should you know before hike mount batur.  Don’t forget to keep sustainability of the nature by not disposing of rubies and do not damage the nature. Thank you to visit our site and take time reading the article 6 equipment should you know before hike mount batur, I hope this article can be useful for reader.

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