, 7 Common Questions you should know about climb Mount Batur? – Hey climbers lover, there are many questions that make climbers such as me headache thinking kind of question about climbing Mount Batur. I am local villagers who live just on the foot of Batur volcano try to share you common question about climbing mount Batur. Can you answer these trivial questions? Here bellow 7 common questions you should know about climb mount Batur.

7 Common Questions you should know about climb Mount Batur?

This the answer why you should visit Mount Batur!

1. Why you should climb Mount Batur?

Wake up early morning at 1.30 am, wearing hiking boots, using headbands, walking in the pick dark, and carrying backpacks, this activities followed by many people right now. Is not just waste your time for breezing weather, what else do you get?

2. What are you looking for in Mount Batur?

On the top of Mount Batur there is no recreational park, no minimarket, hangout or mall, so what are you looking for? Is not there just a rock, forest and grass, even a wild animal such as snake or Monkeys?

3. What makes you so motivated and enthusiastic to climb mount Batur?

Are the photos in social media making you wanted to imitate them or you have any reason? If your motivation to climb mount Batur only to escape your problem of life by getting closer to nature, there is a lot of mountain nearby your home right? Then after reaching the top and back home can you really forget your problem?

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4. Conquer Mount Agung, what does it feel like?

The active volcano in Bali has succeeded you conquered and the mountains outside the island you did too. A lot of your photos of your Facebook clearly displayed with the caption “… Above Sea Level..”. When do you come here to Mount Batur?

5. Does climb Mount Batur should reach the top?

Does the peak of is die hard for you? If you never climb but I see climbing seems very tiring, what is it worth your peak?

6. Photos or life?

For you which is more important taking pictures in dangerous places on the mountain for the sake of existence in social media but at big risk or stay at home safely even with just ordinary photographs?

7. Is your house not warmer?

On the mountain of course very cold, a very cold mountain, is there your house not warmer and more protective than being out? Because to be an adventurer does not have to always get out of the house. Do you think those who live at home have a good knowledge and do not enjoy life?

That all 7 Common Questions you should know about climb Mount Batur? Are my questions too intrusive? Sorry if I ask too many questions. As I adventures man just want to know more, because I think the climbing is interesting. I just do not want to do anything without having enough knowledge about it.