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Mount batur camping

Mount Batur Camping

Mount Batur Camping – Mount Batur camping is an overnight camping on the top of Mount Batur to enjoy the wonderful sunset and sunrise in one night and one day tour. Get different experienced by soaking untouched natural beauty Batur volcano. As people known, mount Batur as the most interesting destination in Bali especially for sunset and sunrise. Located in the middle of huge old Batur caldera crater and it dedicated as most beautiful caldera in the world. Nested [...]

Batur caldera camping

Batur Caldera Camping

Batur Caldera Camping – Do you want stunning sunrise but won’t wake up early morning and sacrifice your sleep? Yes! Batur caldera camping is your best answer! Batur caldera camping is the best way enjoying magnificent views of Batur caldera Bali without any effort to wake at 2 am in your hotel because you will sleep on the top of Batur caldera spot with camping tents. This Batur Caldera overnight camping located in Batur Caldera Mountain ‘called Bubung Gede’, [...]

Mount Agung Trekking via Pasar Agung temple,Mount agung Trekking. Mount Agung Sunrise Trekking

Mount Agung Trekking Via Pasar Agung

Mount Agung Trekking via Pasar Agung Temple is the shorter hike to concur the biggest and the harder mountain in Bali for hunting sunrise. Trek via Pasar Agung Temple is the easier and shorter one, its take approximate 3,5 to 4 hours ascent and 3 hours descent by fit condition trekkers.  The ascent concurred around 2.000 m only via this route and less steep than via Besakh Temple. The sunrise point will you reach just until the rim of [...]

Mout Agung trekking via besakih temple, mount agung trekking, mount agung sunrise trekking, agung volcano sunrise trekking.

Mount Agung Trekking Via Besakih Temple

Mount Agung Trekking via Besakih Temple is the best and the challenging one route to concurring the highest and the biggest mountain in Bali. Mount Agung Trekking via Besakih Temple known as Mount Agung Trekking via Besakih take approximately 6 hours ascent and 5 hours descent, the top point you’ll concurred is 3,142 meter above sea level and this is the highest position in Bali.  The trek began between 10:30 pm to 11:00 pm nearby the sacred places according Balinese Hindu religion called Besakih [...]

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Mount Agung Sunrise Trekking

Mount Agung sunrise trekking or Mount Agung Trekking is the challenging one sunrise hiking in Bali to capture sunrise from 3145 meters above sea level, the highest and most sacred mountain in the Island. Mount Agung nested in Karangasem Regency, Bali province, Indonesia and become the famous one volcano In Bali especially for challenging activities. There are two common routes up the mountain can you do. The longer route through to the actual summit and the most popular one [...]

Mount Batur sunset trek

Mount Batur Sunset Trek

Mount Batur Sunset Trek is another way to enjoying the stunning view of Batur volcano in the afternoon season while holiday to Bali, this sunset trekking suitable for every traveler who avoid wake up early morning to hike in the pick dark. This hike will be one of the best choices for your outdoor activities because you can enjoy amazing view and sunset from 1,717 meter above sea level.  Mount Batur is famous traction in Bali and over 300 travelers visit [...]

Mount Batur Trekking white water rafting

Mount Batur Trekking White Water Rafting

Mount Batur Trekking white water rafting is excellent combine sunrise trek between hike up to the an active volcano trekking to watch sunrise and continue to  explore white water rafting after long journey on Mount Batur. We created this combine activity for who want getting impressive experience of the famous outdoor activities in Bali. Sunrise from Mount Batur Mount Batur Trekking white water rafting start This combination tour start early morning between 1:45 am to 02:30 am from your lobby hotel/villa and [...]

Batur caldera sunrise Trekking

Batur caldera Sunrise trekking

Batur Caldera Sunrise trekking is sunrise trekking in Bali for stunning sunrise from east part of Batur volcano, this is best short hiking in Bali withes 1 hour only. Batur caldera sunrise trekking nowadays become the most popular for hunting sunrise in the Island because this trekking offering wonderful views between sunrise, ocean and Lake Batur. Batur caldera located in region of Kintamani district, Banglingli regency, Bali province. The site basically located in around Batur volcano and nested between [...]

Mount batur sunrise trekking

Mount Batur Sunrise trekking

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking is hiking to the active volcano Batur for stunning sunrise from 1,717 meter above sea level, enjoy breathtaking view in Bali. Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking can done by 2 hours hike by fit physical hikers and it’s suitable for beginner. The ascent only 656 meter from the starting point until the summit, this is the best outdoors activities you must try while travel to Bali. The scenery is worth the journey and will forever stay [...]

Mount Batur Sunrise Trek NaturalHot spring

Mount Batur Sunrise Trek Natural Hot Spring

Mount Batur sunrise trek natural hot spring is perfect tour package between hike up to the volcano and enjoying the hit of Natural hot Spring in Lake Batur Bali. This trip can be done by one day tour only, first hike up to the best sunrise point in Bali to the summit of mount Batur, stunning sunrise and beautiful landscape of huge Batur Caldera, experience how your local guide boil your breakfast in the volcanic steam, feeding monkeys and then [...]