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Charm Sunrise of Mount Batur Bali – If talking about Bali, most of people immediately associate it with the beautiful beaches that right because Bali is known as beauty of beaches. But apparently, Bali also has a place that is not less beautiful that beaches that offered in Bali, that mount Batur with its sunrise, most people amazed by charm sunrise of mount Batur Bali.

Mount Batur is one of volcano in Bali that a must to visit for a great adventure especially foreign tourists in Bali. This mountain is known to offer exotic sunrise views from the peak of the mountain, the tour called mount batur sunrise trekking.

charm sunrise of mount Batur Bali.

Usually the climbers will start their climb at 03.30 am to 04.00 am by passing sandy and rocky roads all the way up to the summit. The path is quite easy to pass on the first half way and then getting difficulty once close by the summit. However in this phase of the path will get difficult until the next 10 minutes to the end of the peak.

Your tour guides will be happy to accompany everyone who wants to take a break. Usually more than four times climber asks the guide to stop before reaching the summit. Before reaching the top, there are some places the guides pray for a moment. “The purpose of pry is asking permission to the God first before reaching the summit, so that everything runs smoothly”.

Once reaching the top, the golden color of the sky began to be visible from the eastern horizon, this is a charm sunrise of mount Batur Bali. The view of Mount Agung and Mount Abang from the same side was amazing, it more beautiful when Lake Batur becomes more clear.

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While enjoying the beauty sunrise from top of Mount Batur, most climbers can enjoy breakfast that provide by tour agencies who organize your tour. The common breakfast are Eggs cooked in hot steam, banana sandwich a cup of hot tea or team and some chocolate or seasonal fruits.

There are two ways to climb mount Batur, one via Pura Jati for a shared tour and most of them backpacking and by ordering tour packages 500.000/person and the other way via Toya Bungkah, the private path and private tour. It can be charge by 700.000 to 750.000/person. However, the price includes a private shuttle from the hotel, breakfast, and guide fees (especially for private tour).

So anyone who wants to catch a charm sunrise of mount Batur Bali you should take this sunrise tour and easily contact or if you are not interested in using tour services. You can go directly to Mount Batur Post and register directly but it can be more expensive and less services. So let’s challenge your adrenaline and stunning a charm sunrise of mount Batur Bali once in lifetime.


NB: Minimum 2 participants

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