If talking about Bali the things in your mind is beaches and beaches right? “Forget all of it. Climbing Mount Batur really for Beginners? Right! It takes only 2 hours walk uphill to reach the Summit of Mount Batur, it easy trek for a novice climber/people who have never been trekking? I think that opinion is wrong. For me this does not mean the ascent of Mount batur is difficult, but not as easy as it is for these people deal with.

Climbing Mount Batur really for Beginners?

On the main crater of Batur volcano

opinion is not from my point of view, but from our costumer who joined Mount Batur sunrise trekking tour. We have over 15 participants every day, with almost 50% of them had never done a short climbing or trekking before. It turns out that some person chooses to peak one and not to continue the journey to the summit. My opinion also supported by experiences local guide hike Mount Batur not as difficult as someone talking about

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I am always sure it’s hard or easy him something is about how the person’s suggestion. He said the climb the mountain just about mental rather than physical, and I believe it. The proof, I who is not a senior, climber can always accept the challenge to finish. It’s all because of the doctrine of the doctrine I impact on the brain then transforms into a spirit to continue to reach the point of destination.

Mount Batur, Bali is the best destination to enjoy including a sunrise from the Highlands of the island of Bali. Known as one of the mountain in Indonesia which has the widest caldera, the Summit caldera of Mount Batur offers the beauty of Lake Batur in appear with view of Mount Abang and mount Agung as well.

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Proven, that Bali is not just about beautiful beaches, Beach nightlife, and its culture is impressive, but

How Much Does It Cost

In the start from here we will be in rupiah 10,000 registration charge/person. For never before trekking mount batur, will recommend using a guide, which rates its negotiable, probably around 650K-750K/person for Private tour.

How’s The Path

The first part still way ramps which are getting increasingly uphill up to about 40 minutes, then the road becomes slippery rocky sand which continued to climb to the Summit. From the starting point to the first point required less time 1 hour 40 minutes, and 50 minutes to super slippery and narrow tracks from first point to the top.

What Is The Best Time

Usually the ascent starts from 7 am. to 03.00 am., assume it will get a peak at 05.30 in the morning, because the sunrise will start appearing on 06.00 Am in the morning. But if you want to be on top at dark, could start climbing early.

If asked do all the hard works worth it? I’d say yes, because the worth or something to strive for in is no to all this, the main one is in May. Just try it, so that we will know whether it is good or not. It’s not about beginners or not, all only about determination. That all about  Climbing Mount Batur really for Beginners.