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Enjoy Sunrise on the Summit of Mount Batur

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Enjoy Sunrise on the Summit of Mount Batur is the best chooses move from hustle and bustle of city life, mount Batur sunrise trekking is the right answer. If talking about Bali, surely the natural beauty and culture offered along the edge make everyone fall in love forever. Beauty and culture offered along the edge can refresh your mind from bustle of job. With r mind in a myriad of bustle that you have. With various of tourist destinations are available in the Island, certainly fit for your chooses while your holiday in Bali and will be more memorable.
Enjoy Sunrise on the Summit of Mount Batur
Enjoy Sunrise on the Summit of Mount Batur

Explore Mount Batur Bali

Try to explore unusual thing in the island such as Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking, this is famous activities located about in Kintamani, precisely 65 kilometers northeast of Ngurah Rai International Airport. This location very strategy as the mountain suitable for those who interested in the challenging thing that is climbing mount Batur.
For climbing the mountain usually do during in the day light but for stunning sunrise in Mount Batur start early morning around 4 am from Toyabungkah. The visitors who come here choose early morning to be able to enjoy a panoramic view of the sunrise. Enjoy the sunrise in the morning is one of the best experiences and will be completed your holiday in the Island of God.
Enjoy Sunrise on the Summit of Mount Batur
Morning horizon on the summit of mount batur
The atmosphere of the early morning  and refreshing dressed in shades of warmth that awakened by you with partner or family will be one of the best moment. Imagine that how wonderful the moment? Mount Batur had been known as one of the best for sunrise trekking in Bali. Before 1980’s the most climbers consisting of students exploring the volcano but 20 years lately most of climbers in newbie and foreign concur this volcano.
To reach Batur you can rent a car or hire local guide include transport for more comfortable. Use to mount Batur sunrise trekking only unbounded hobbies and fillers time while in Bali as well as looking for edelweiss flower grows at the top of the mountain. However, gradually, this hike changed to be hiking for hunting sunrise

Book in advance is better

Before starting your hike, you can book your hike in advance through online or come across to the starting pointm, there are many local guide waiting you but if you want experiences guide better book through online od contact us at +6281246382362. As per 17th of February 2017, the Central Geographical Preservation Department has instituted a Rp. 100.000 per pax fee for Trekking on Mount Batur, that ticket for entrance fees beside of guide cost.
Enjoy Sunrise on the Summit of Mount Batur
Kupit is awesome local guide
If You want to stay around do not worry about the hotel because there are many hotels provided in this place. To find the right hotels you ca use as well as a very affordable price with only Rp. 200 thousand per night. You can also set up tents around the hotel to get a more natural impression.

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