Is it Safe to Climb Mount Batur – There are over 200 visitors climbing mount Batur every day, most of the want to know about safety climbing this volcano. The question are is it safe to climbing mount Batur? How cold the temperature on top of mount Batur? and how I must prepare my self before ahead mount Batur? Base on that question here I want answer about safety climbing mount Batur because this very important information for everyone who want climb mount Batur or hiking mount Batur for sunrise or day trek.

Is it Safe to Climb Mount Batur

1. The question is, its safe hiking mount Batur?

Hiking mount Batur can be safe and can be a risk too, its depending when you with whom will you go? Here bellow the answer of safety hiking mount Batur base on when you go and with whom you go.

  • When you go? If you go during December to March (during raining season) that can be a risk and also effected by of the views you can see from the summit. Why raining season can be more danger?  because if you hiking during reining season can be mores risk, the way will be more slippery and also a lot of loss rock during your ascent and descent. It will be more safety if you go with professional local guide who know well about the mountain.
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  • With whom you go? There are big different of safety compare with whom you go to because if you go with private tour and and sharing tour will be very different. For example, if you go with Private guide (experiences local guide) your hike will be only your group and your only, not sharing with others so it more safety. If you go with sharing tour, one guide will take care more than 5 participants, in case one of your group feel unwell your guide of course will take care she or he, so you will hike alone without guide, it will be more dangerous.


2. How cold the temperature on top of mount Batur?

The temperature of mount Batur also can be effected for saftey hiking, if the weather not good (cloudy and rain) on the top can be bellow 14 degrees, it effected with for the safety of your hike. To anticipate the risk, you have to prepare yourself with warm jacket or layer. It will be better if you cam bring hand glove.

3. How I must prepare my self before ahead mount Batur?

Climbing Mount Batur will be more safety if you can prepare proper hiking equipment, the things you should prepare are:

  1. Proper hiking boots
  2. Warm jacket & Layers
  3. Extra water & food
  4. Sleep enough before hike
  5. Hand glove and good shock

That all about Is it Safe to Climb Mount Batur or the thing you should know about safety hiking mount Batur Bali, I hope by reading this article everyone who looking information about Mount Batur can understand what thy should do. Thank you very much, Jero Susun.

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