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Mount Agung Trekking Difficulty

Mount Agung trekking difficulty is kind difficulty of Mount Agung trekking or mount agung sunrise trekking during hike up to the summit of the mountain. The class of difficulty base on two things, there are starting point of hike and month of hike. By providing information about difficulty of hiking mount Agung I hope reader can learn more characteristic of mount Agung and able decided which one trekking tour will they take and from where they will start to concur mount Agung Bali. Here bellow all about Mount Agung trekking difficulty I share deeply for hiker who want climb mount Agung volcano Bali during their vacation in our beautiful Island, let’s check it out!

Mount Agung trekking difficulty
Mount Batur Sunrise via Pasar Agung

Mount Agung trekking difficulty

1. Mount Agung trekking difficulty base on starting point

Mount Agung Trekking via Besakih Temple – To climbing mount Agung bali there available 2 famous stating point, both of them have different characteristic difficulty. The famous one starting from Besakih temple, this is the longer one but the best choice if you are right climber (not for newbie). Take trail via Beaskih temple, you’ll go straight to the actual summit 3,1452 meters above sea level. The characteristic of trail are challenging and difficult class but it will be paid once you arrive on the summit. Wonderful views entire Bali can see from this summit because this is the top point in Bali Island, beside of that you can saw Mount Batur and another Island in the distance. Note! Mount Agung trekking difficulty via Besakih Temple is the harder one but the best one views from you can enjoying, consider it if not good physical fitness.

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Mount Agung trekking difficulty
Mount Agung trekking difficulty via Besakih Temple

Mount Agung via Pasar agung temple – This is the second starting point you can choose to enjoying the biggest mountain in Bali, take a tour via Pasar Agung temple will be better for you if you’re not realy fit condition or you re newbie hikers. The characteristic of Mount Agung trekking difficulty via pasar agung still challenging and difficult class but this less hard than Mount Agung Trekking via Besakih Temple. The trail up to the top a bit steepr than  Mount Agung Trekking via Besakih Temple but take shorter, the problem hike via Pasar agung are to rocky, can reach till rim of the crater only and the views less beautiful than via Besakih temple because rim crater bellow around 150 meter from the actual summit.

Mount Agung trekking difficulty
Mount Agung trekking difficulty via Pasar Agung temple look like

The class of hike for both via Besakih temple or via Pasar Agung temple difficult, challenging, rocky and slippery, if you take your mount Agung sunrise hike via Beakih temple can take approximate 12 hours up and down and via Pasar Agung temple can tale approximate 4 hour up and down. Now the choices on your hand, if you think your fines okay via besakih in the best one but if you’re less experiences let’s take hike via Pasar Agung temple

2. Mount Agung trekking difficulty base month of hike

The difficulty hike mount Agung also because of the month that you do your hike, as we know Bali has 2 different seasons (Tropical Island) of course has wet season and dry season.

Wet season –  If you have plan to hike mount agung during wet season (between November – to beginning of March) during that month usually ranis but the havy ine between January and febryar. During that season class difficulty of hike much harder (difficult), because the train will brken everywhere destried by havy rain durin wet season but still able to hike.

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Dry season – If you have plan to climbing mount agung between May to beginning of November, you are on the best time because during that moth usally difficulty of mount agung trekking less than during wet season, you can walk up to the summit with ou any problem but this is not guaranteed you can concur the summit of Agung volcano because class of mount Agung difficulty really difficult and challenging, need truly fit hikers and experiences one.

That all about Mount Agung trekking Difficulty base on starting point and month of hike. I hope this information can help reader before decide take Mount Agung Trekking or Mount Batur Sunrise trekking tour. If there any trips to completing this article please contact me on WhatsApp +6281246382362 or Email at

Here bellow some information about Mount agung hiking tour itinerary might useful for you before book your sunrise hike tour to mount Agung.


  • 08.30 pm – 11.45 pm: Pick up time from your lobby accommodation.
  • 10.45 pm: Arrival at the starting point then introduction to guide.
  • 11.00 pm: Start hike, it  will take around 6 hours.
  • 05.45 am: Reaching the summit, and enjoying views and having breakfast.
  • 07.00 am: Exploring the summit crater and then descend.
  • 11.30 am: Arrive back at finish point and the departure.
  • 13.00 am: Back to the hotel.


  • Experienced English speaking driver and trekking guides.
  • Light breakfast (bread, egg, hot drink, fruits, biscuits).
  • Flashlights/torch & safety equipment.
  • Entrance fees/tickets & parking fee.
  • Mineral water during the journey.
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  • Nusa Dua / Jimbaran      08.30 pm
  • Kuta / Seminyak            08.40 pm
  • Sanur    9.00 pm
  • Ubud     9.30 pm


NB: Discount applied for minimum 3 participants

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