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Reasons Why You Should Be Trying to Hike Mount Batur Bali Occasionally

Each climber certainly had reason own reason why the hike Mount Batur Bali, but for you who may have never climbed mountain in entire your live you should try to take mount Batur sunrise trekking tour while in Bali, so what is your  motivation to reach the second highest point in Bali? Well, here bellow common the reasons why you should be trying to hike Mount Batur Bali Occasionally.

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Reasons Why You Should Be Trying to Hike Mount Batur Bali Occasionally
Take a picture on the top of Mt. Batur Bali.

1. Do not only work and sitting behind a desk, your deserve are invited exercise in order to get back working properly

Hike mount Batur means your body function returns to the right function moving, over work and sitting behind a desk make less activities. Ultimately, the disease could easily infect to you. Climbing mount Batur or other mountain in the world is the best for you. With this activity, your body will learn to walk again. Afterhike your body will be shore, it mean being regenerate. But, don’t forget to exercise first before climbing up with a joging every day for at least one week.

2. Usually breathing full of pollution, there is no harm inhale with clean air

Living in city areas, particularly big cities, makes you exposed by air pollution which is full every day. What a shame with your healthy? Occasionally, move from hustle and bustle city pollution and climbing mount Batur with completing by green forest and fresh air and feel free to enjoy the mountain air pollution directly to the lung.

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3. For a while leave the gadgets and the internet making you more taste life, here you will learn to be best man.

Forget Social media such as Forget Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, chat applications, and all other social media as well is your panther every minutes. At the top of the mount Batur, you are a real human being without any funny emoticons of gadget. This is where you get to be a real man, not just looking at each other through the glass screen. You will see that other climbers and can greet them with a most sincere of smile.

4. See the same routine will make you bored, occasionally pamper your eyes with the beauty of the natural landscape is a best way.

The same thing you see every day at your home or your office make your bored, sure bored with it right? Go up to the mountain and find a completely different atmosphere from the usually every day. Beautiful of views, sunrise, valleys, landscape and the activities of volcano Batur makes you amazed. You will also be aware, that climbing mountain very important for refresh mind.

5. Climbing mount Batur Bali hone yourself to take care your dream, believe that focus and tenacity will drop you to a high achievement

Are you type of person who do not dare to your dream? Sometimes, we are reluctant to dare reaching for something outrageously big things, actually it in front of my eyes. Just like the mountain that looks so big in front of the eyes, it seems unlikely to reach its peak. In fact, by focusing on the goal of climbing, you eventually get to the Summit even though what you do simply stepped forward step-by-step, continuously without know surrender.

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6. Hiking paths of Mount Batur like your life, the path is steep and obstacles that must be faced

you feel your life so-so, flat without any challenge and likely to make a saturated. Move from your comfort zone, come out and challenge yourself with climbing mount Batur. You will find that the hiking paths that you are going through are not always smooth and flat like highway. There is a path that climbs are flat, ramps, even declining path, which makes your step so lightly. So that such as your life, what’s important of it and how to interpret and enjoying every process.

7. The climb makes you learn to appreciate yourself. The experience of arriving at the highest peak of teaching you in order to remain humble

Human being sometimes underestimates themselves ability, without knowing what exactly we can do through the potential we have. Try climbing up mount Batur or mountain, every step taught us to appreciate you. But, managed to climb to the Summit is not necessarily making us arrogant, because we are aware that every step that we take contain of risk. Here on the summit we feel that we are so weak and small. Human errors and inadvertently can make us fatal or can be loss your life.

8. Live should be lived with the optimistic and the mountain is the place to find a more positive life

Observe the behavior of people in social media is sometimes making sick too. Starting from status not clear, spread the word negative pitched the source cannot be accounted. Mind detox of negative thinking that climb mount Batur or other mountain. Warm greetings from others climbers who do not doubt assist as well as natural scenery along the path of the climb will make you re-think about life.

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9. Climb to the Summit and ask yourself, “is there any other reason makes you reluctant to climb mount Batur or other mountain again?”

Still need more motivation to climb? Try once climbed up to the top of mount Batur and feel the experience in your soul. After that decide whether you will climb again or simply that once in your life. Only with experienced you can understand why the climbers always longing to return and climb mountain again. May you ever be so? We hope too.

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Well, that all common reasons why you should be trying to hike mount Batur Bali occasionally, so what waiting for? Lest do and climbing mount Batur while have opportunity.

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