For you who often climb the mountain of course breathing become obstacles yourself. There are several of constraints when you set up your breath such as easily tired, breathless and many more. Surely you have different breath techniques while climbing mountain, here share you some tips how to organize your breath while climbing mount Batur.

tips how to organize your breath while climbing mount Batur

Take a short break before continues to the summit.

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  • As much as possible breathe through the nose and remove through to the mouth.
  • Set the rhythm as you go, do not be too fast or too slow. If you want fast, yes stable fast. If you want to slow, yes stable slow.
  • Get enough rest, not too long, may cause lazy motion, as much as possible reduce chatting with other to reduce the fully tired.
  • Breath by mouth, bend your tongue up to the tip of the tongue until touching the palate.
  • When summit attack can use breath technique 1 -2, 1 time by step 2 times breathe or adjusted to the condition of the body. Others you can use another techniques 5-1. Like 5 footsteps and 1 take a breath.
  • Your breath follow the rhythm, occasionally take a slow breath then throw it slowly as well, it will make your heart to rest too briefly.
  • Reduce water consume, drinking too much will make the heartbeat beat faster. You should drink only to wet throat and lips.
  • Do more exercise such as swim; it will make your breath more manageable while your climb and swimming make your breath better.
  • Walk 15 minutes rest 2 minutes, rest in a flat place and stop smoking while climbing / walking.
  • Do not take long rest because it will make the body temperature get cold, when it getting cold will take more time to adjust and you will lose more energy easily.
  • If the path is very steep do not speed your full energy in this pat, make sure you can manage it ante walk slow but sure.
  • If you want take a rest try to keep standing, if you want take a long do not bend the legs. This tips to avoid your feet cramps.
  • Anyone want to add please leave the comment!
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That all about tips how to organize your breath while climbing mount Batur we can share to you, we hope this useful for you who want take mount batur sunrise trekking tour or other trekking to mount Batur Bali. See you on the top.