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Top 10 Tips Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking for Beginners – Nowadays, Mount Batur sunrise trekking has become a popular tourist activity in Bali. If you are interested to experience this trekking to witness beautiful sunrise in Bali, here are top 10 tips Mount Batur sunrise trekking for beginners.

Top 10 Tips Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking for Beginners
This warm jacket you should prepare.
1. Understand the level of difficulty

The first tips is to understand the level of difficulty to reach the sunrise spot on Mount Batur. If you are active on hiking, we can say that hiking Mount Batur will not too difficult for you. As you read on many travel forums, blogs and travel advice channels, trekking to Mt. Batur is easy.

2.Wear hiking shoes

It is very important for you to wear hiking shoes. You are going to hike on the mountain, so you will need a pair of proper hiking shoes for the sake of your safety and comfort. Then, don’t forget to wear comfortable shorts or leggings or trainers.

3. Bring sweater and hoodie

Since the temperature and climate can be different from one night to another, you need to bring sweater, hoodie or any other warm clothes with you too. It is because you may find that the moments at the summit will be much cooler than before.

4. Bring your waterproof jacket

Another important tips on these top 10 tips Mount Batur sunrise trekking for beginners is to bring waterproof jacket with you especially if you are going to hike in wet season or near to this season because it is possible that you get rained on.

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5. Carry a small backpack with you

If you are preparing for short trip to Mount Batur for sunrise hunting only, you can simply bring your small backpack to carry your safety gear, some snacks and also extra water. It will be necessary to carry your changes too.

6. Don’t forget headlamp

You may get a flashlight or torch from your guide, but using headlamp will be easier for hiking. You can buy a headlamp beforehand then bring it along with you on your trip. By having headlamp, your hand will be free.

7. Bring extra snacks

Your guide may prepare you some snacks like boiled eggs and coffee. But, to anticipate you being hungry at the summit, you can bring extra snacks with you. For instance, you can prepare for biscuits or sandwiches beforehand.

8. Don’t forget your camera

Of course, you will need a tool to capture all the beautiful moments you witness at the summit. You must not forget your camera so that you can capture a memorable photo of you at the peak of Mount Batur with sunrise as the background.

9. Book a guide

It is recommended to have a local experienced guide with you as a beginner. They will not only benefit you with a good direction to the summit, they will pick you up and bring along some trip inclusion.

10. Learn the schedule

The last, you must pay attention on the pickup schedule offered by the guide. Choose location of where you will get picked up and the time will depend on the location.

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That’s all the top 10 tips Mount Batur sunrise trekking for beginners. Hope you enjoy your trip on Mount Batur. Happy travelling!

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