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10 Things Should You Expect and Prepare for Trekking up Mount Batur before Sunrise

10 Things Should You Expect and Prepare for Trekking up Mount Batur before Sunrise – Mount Batur (Batur volcano) is the most active volcano the Island and it eruption several times since 1,963 and the last was recorded on 2,000, 17 years ago. Lately, Mount Batur (Batur volcano) visited by traveler over 250 visitors every day, most of them hike for sunrise or well-known Mount Batur Trekking or Mount Batur Sunrise trekking. Mount Batur (Batur volcano) summit sits at 1,717 meters or around 5,633 feet above sea level and it offers beautiful views of Sunrise, landscape, Lake, village, farmed, black lava from the last explosion on 1,963 and many more around the mountains.

10 Things Should You Expect and Prepare for Trekking up Mount Batur before Sunrise
The way look like will you Expect and Prepare for Trekking up Mount Batur before Sunrise

Such as most visitors who wanted to capture stunning sunrise from most recommended activities on TripAdvsior, Lonely planet, Voyagin, Viator or other guide books that mean you began your hike early morning in the darkness. But trust me, the highlight of your trip is stunning the most beautiful sunrise in your entire life is absolutely worth the physical pain and sacrificing your sleep. Here bellow 10 Things Should you Expect and Prepare for Trekking up Mount Batur before Sunrise.

10 Things Should You Expect and Prepare for Trekking up Mount Batur before Sunrise

1. Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking is tough and not for everyone.

As most traveler rate on TripAdvisor, Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking is tough and not for everyone is true!!! The overall trek since starting point till the end of trek are difficult and challenging, the trek cover 10 km up and down and take approximate 2 hours ascent and 2 hours descent for fit physically hikers. Once you get descent from the summit is even more difficult and challenging as your ways through loss rock, volcanic sand, steep and slippery. Do no wearing sandals, it will be big problem for yourself, proper hiking boots and include hiking poles is the right one for your trek up and down to mount Batur.

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2. Sacrificing sleep is a must.

Of course you will sacrifice your sleep as you will begin your hike from starting point at 3.45 am! You’ll wake 2.15 am if stay in Ubud area and wake up 1.30 am if you stay in Seminyak, Kuta or Nusa Dua area. To keep your fitness, we suggest you go bed earlier than normal time because hike up to the mountain 2 hours required enough energy, once wake up you’ll exhausting trek.

3. You’ll hike up to the summit in darkness.

Do not expect you’ll walk under bright pathway during your ascent because you’ll walk up in the darkness mountain. Only head torchlight handy torchlight accompany you, nothing to see in right or left side, Just a small path that can be illuminated by your lights. So, bring your own head torchlight handy torchlight with you just in case your tour guide runs out of torches.

4 Be in the right suits.

As we known Bali’s Tropical Island, it normally warm and humid climate but it can be fool yourself. Actually the temperature on the top of Mount Batur can be changing dramatically so prepare layers and jacket is the right way. During your ascent will be warm, tank top, a pair of long pans and hat is recommended suits that you have prepared.  It will be cover your knees once fall down and protect your face from sun burn while your descent. Needless to say for your own safety, comfortable suits or any foot wear must be considered.

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5 Look up to the sky full of starts.

Hiking up to the volcano in the darkness for 2 hours not only draining you’re mentally and physically but challenge both of them too. Once you feel bored during on the way up, find yourself still far away to the summit, look up and gaze at the millions of twinkling stars illuminating the darkness of the sky. That will support your enthusiast going up and made it before sunrise.

6. Watch your step or risk to falling down.

During proceed further into the hike up to the mountain,we will realize that the ground of the path gets looser and slopes get steeper. So, do watch your footing if one wrong step it could be danger for yourself, could be fall in to the steep slopes. Falling down while hiking up to the mountain is actually common but if you can walk in the right step will be better.

7. Follow your local guide, it will be safety.

There are numerous group and guide during your hike or on the summit it can be confusion if you not really know your guide. The best way is following your guide closely where they will go or give him/her note to meet you or find you where you’ll stay because you might lose him/her in the hundreds of people. The bad thing happen is lose your tour guide and you’ll struggle to find the right way back, there is multiple routes might confusion you to find the right way for descent.

8 Be aware of aggressive wild monkeys.

On the top of Mount Batur there are live hundreds of wild monkeys, despite look adorable please do not provoking them, it will be bad for both side. Although look tiny but there creatures actually can be very aggressive. Some of them can stole your stuff such as camera, hat, sunglass, bag, drink food or etc.. So do extra precaution if you’re carrying food.

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9 Take your Camera of your hand.

Such as word wise, vegetables will be tasteless without salt. Of course travel wit out bring camera is not good enough because during your travel you must perpetuate your trip. So, to perpetuate amazing views of Mount Batur need camera in your hand. Your pictures can you see till the end of your live and also you can share with your friends, family or others that you did Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking tour in Bali.

10. Experiences hit of an active volcano.

Mount Batur is the only one an active volcano in Bali still active till this time, there is some resource of hit you can experiences such as cooked Egg, Banana or boiled water in the ground and also you can find rock has noses of burned. For example, if you bring fresh Egg, you can put in the hole that you can dig on the summit then close by grass, waiting 10 minutes and ready to eat, that awesome experiences right? You should do it while travel to Bali and take Mount Batur Trekking tour or well-known Mount Batur Sunrise trekking.

That all about 10 Things Should You Expect and Prepare for Trekking up Mount Batur before Sunrise, I hope this cal help every people who read this article before book Mount Batur Trekking tour or Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking tour. If there any suggestion or fresh idea to complete our article about 10 Things Should You Expect and Prepare for Trekking up Mount Batur before Sunrise please feel free to contact us through contact us that we provide on the home page.

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