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Batur Natural Hot Spring entrance Fees – If you are visit Bali would not be memorable if you do not visit the famous and the beautiful Natural Hor Spring Toyabungkah. Natural hot spring Toyabungkan never empty of visitors every day, there is always filled with foreign tourists and local tourists. This site worthy of your holiday destination travel program with your entire family while visit beautiful Island of Bali. Here bellow Batur natural Hot Spring entrance fees and Toya Dvasya entrance Fees.

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Batur natural Hot Spring entrance fees
Batur natural Hot Spring entrance fees

The common question is how much is Batur natural hot spring entrance fee or how much is the Toya Devasya entrance fee?  The entrance fees for Batur Natural Hot Spring are $15 per person and the entrance fees Toya Devasya $15 per person as well. The different is, in Batur Natural Hot Spring get snack but in Toya Devasya don’t get snack as well. The entace feed will included Bath Towel, Shampoo & soap, Welcome drink, locker and snack especially in Batur Natural Hot Spring.

What is Toya Bungkag Bath?

Toya Bungkah is taken from the word “Toya” which in the etymology of Balinese language has the meaning of WATER and “bungkah” which has a semantic meaning of Rock. So Toya Bungkan meaning water resource comes out rapidly from between the rocks. The fact is. This water is found sourced on the slopes of Mount Batur who still activtill this time.

Beautiful Toya Bungkah Hot Spring

Beside of bath facilities offered in Toya Bungkah, the views of Lake Batur on the front of both Toya Devasya or Batur Natural Hot Spring are incredibly, absolutely amazing.  In the afternoon you can see blue water Lake Green Mountain and some fish farm around the Lake. While enjoying wonderful views, you can also order local food called Mujair Nyat-nyat that is ready to eat.

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That all about Batur natural Hot spring entrance fees or Toya Devasya Entrance feed might useful for you, if you want book Mount Batur sunrise trekking package, you may take mount Batur Trekking and Natural Hot Spring.

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