Well, we’ll tell you how our experiences climbing Mount Batur most people had, but firstly I want explain a bit about  Mount Batur.

Mount Batur is one of mountains in Bali which had erupted in 1917. However, even a lot of people this mountain despite the mountain still active but it safety for hiking. The actual Summit of Mount Batur has an altitude of 5633 feet or approximately 1717 meters above sea level. On the east slopes of the mountain there is a lake which is also called as Lake Batur, the largest lake in bali.

Experiences climbing Mount Batur

Sunrise from the top of Mt.Batur

For you who have never climbed the mountain does not a problem climbing mount baur, because climbing mount Batur is easy level.

For sunrise trek, depart from Denpasar at 1,45 am, arriving at Batur approximately 2 hours drive , its location in the village of Toyabungkah. There are also available local guides you can hire for the hike and is a must because safety climbing is number one. We rested there while waiting for hours in the morning so that the fitting on the Summit could see the rising sun.

At 3.45am we started leaving for the Summit but you have prepared for climbing before ahead such as, water, warm jacket, sunblock and some food for energy. So, from the foot of the mountain is visible see line of flashlight from the bottom to the top.

However there are outposts of breaks provided there. As we climb a bit slow, we reach the top at about 6.00 am we reached the Summit. We open the provision while waiting for the Sunrise, it was fitting that time we were lucky because the weather was nice so we can see a beautiful view of.

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Fitting above the Summit we also did not forget to capture the moment with a picture together, and the atmosphere is indeed somewhat healthy, the sunrise truly beautiful.

Enjoying beautiful natural scenery and enjoying the cool air. Rather shopping to the mall, sometime better take outdoor activities or climbing mountain, guaranteed fun and enjoyable.

Oh yea, some tips, remember take your headscarf, slop, jacket and shoes because the air there quite cold and damp, it’s rocky so let me also convenient and secure fitting climbing. In addition carry provision sparingly so that is not too heavy, and another one, don’t waste litter to keep our nature to keep it beautiful.  This is experiences climbing Mount Batur.