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Mount Batur Guide Price

Mount Batur Guide Price – There are various agencies or company worldwide or in Bali offered service guide up to Mount Batur for sunrise trek, sunset trek or day trek but each agencies or company has own price. To know the actual price local guide of Mount Batur, here I personally want to share all about it. I hope by reading this article everyone understood why each agencies or company has different rate, what make it different and how to find the right price of mount Batur guide and where I can hire local guide for our Mount Batur sunrise trekking tour. Here bellow all about Mount Batur Guide Price:

Mount Batur Guide Price

1. What the different price worldwide company and local company?

There are a lot of worldwide company offered Mount Batur sunrise trekking tour and they have partner local guide in Bali, the famous are Voyagin, TripAdvisor, Viator, Tour by Local and many more. They can offer a bit different that local company because they get commissions from each tour that joint with them. Absolutely the benefit from the tour guide shared together with his partner and the company, price range of mount batur guide between 65$ to 55$ per person for private and 55$ to 45$ for sharing tour. How about local company? Most of local company running by local who born and live nearby volcano, they 100% known well about their area and the rate offered price between 60$ to 55$ per person for private and 55$ to 40$ for sharing tour

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2. How to find the right price of mount Batur guide?

There are many ways to find out the right Mount Batur guide price, the famous and the easier is through online (internet) there are more than 100 companies offered service guide up to Mount Batur but you have to be careful because there 100% can believed on the internet, some fake company offered very low price but they will take you to his trap, make sure choose reasonable price with excellent rating on TripAdvisor. Beside of that, you can find in your hotel because hotel also provide service for mount Batur trekking but the rate mostly higher than local company and they use third parties for your guide tour. The others and the cheaper you can find on the street, there are a lot of tourist information offered this service, they offered very good price to convince you but you have to be carefully because good price not always secure!

3. Where I can hire local guide with right price?

Such as what I write above you can hire local guide through online, hotel and street but the best way through online. Why? Because through online (internet) you can see how is the rating companies or agencies on TripAdvisor that will you use, what is benefit will you get, is there local guide or not, , how much they charge per person is there private or sharing tour and many more you can compare to hire local guide with right price. Note! Be careful with companies or agencies who write own reviews on TripAdvisor, you have to selective know that companies, usually new companies but have good reviews on TripAdvisor but the reviewer use short description and always rating excellent, beside of that fake reviews seldom use own profile picture on his account, news account and reviews only some places.

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4. How much I must paid to hire mount Batur local guide if we choose private or sharing tour?

There are two different price of Mount Batur guide. If you choose private tour don’t pay more than 65$ each if pick up in Ubud, Sanur and Seminyak area and for sharing tour don’t pay more than 50$ each because you can get lower that that price. Note! If you want confortable and got un forget experiences tour to mount batur with local guide I suggest choose private tour but if you budget not meet the price above you can choose sharing tour but most of sharing tour got trouble experiences because driver will pick up in many hotel and also guide will have not only 2 guest but more than 4 guest, so difficult to manage.

That all about Mount Batur guide price, I hope by reading this article, reader able to decided which one they choose to hire local guide and how much they spend money for their mount Batur sunrise trekking tour.

Pick up time:

  • Nusa Dua / Jimbaran      01.40 am
  • Kuta / Seminyak            01.45 am
  • Sanur    02.00 am
  • Ubud     02.30 am

Rate: 55 USD/pax

NB: Minimum 2 participants

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