Mount Batur Trekking Tips– There are hundred climbers climbing mount batur every day for watching sunrise from the top of Mount Batur. Base of that phenomena, here I Jero Susun have idea to writhe the tips of Mount Batur Trekking with the aim that readers can get positive point to prepare mount Batur trekking tour. Here bellow my mount Batur trekking tips for you:

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  • Clothes – The temperatures of Mount Batur can very changing, from the staring point of the volcano to the summit are different. While fist start your hike on the base of volcano, short pants and T-shirt is okay but once get quarter of volcano will get sweet and warm. Once get to the summit, will be very windy and getting cold, spare warm jacket and extra T-shirt will be good, bring Extra T-shirt, warm jacket and windbreaker just in case.
  • Wear proper shoes. Hike mount Batur actually not difficult and it okay for novice or kids but shoes very important for safety, Sneakers or running shoes was fine, but a pair of hiking boots will be better option. The hike over sharp volcanic rock, sandy and slippery loss rock so, sharp shoes grip is recommended.
  • Pack a headlamp. Despite your guide provide lamps but most of them provide flashlight so it not as good as headlamps for your hike. If you own a headlamp would be good because while your hike your hand will be using to hoist something during difficult section but if you use flashlight your hand can’t use to hoist something because your hand hold flashlight.
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  • Bring enough water. Walking up to the mountain about 2 hours of course need a lot of ion to replace energy that your spend for hike, drinking enough water is the best way. So pack minimal 1 liter water for each person, this is the best way can stay hydrated.
  • Consider your fitness level. Hike up to 1,717 meters above sea level is not easy, it not like walk to the zoo so consider your fitness level before ahead to Mount Batur. Some old Australian and Indian give up in the middle of the mountain and decided to back down, small exercise before hike mount Batur will be fine.
  • Do not eat much night before. Some hiker don’t know well about situation on mount Batur, there not available toilet on the summit. If you eat much the night before hike will have wide opportunity to get stomach on the summit, it will be big problem for you as on the mountain not available toilet.
  • Respect with the nature. Mount Batur is an active volcano and had erupted several times, the last one is on 2000 and the bad one disaster was on 1963. So do not scribbling streaks, littering with trash and destroying the natural surroundings, if you have owns garbage please bring back and put in the garbage bin provided in the car park.

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