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Toya Devasya Hot Spring

Toya Devasya Hot Spring – Not a Balinese name, if not have the beauty in every corner. Kintamani is one of the many beautiful areas in Bali. The nature of Kintamani is very friendly for tourists and always gives its own to every person who visits it. While in Kintamani, you should not Miss Toya Devasya’s visit. 

Toya Devasya is a beautiful hot spring. Visiting it can pamper your mind, heart and physical. Although it includes an old tourist attraction, but still a favorite of local and foreign tourists. If you’ve never been there, you can put Toya Devasya on the list of tourist destinations in Bali. Check it out!

About Toya Devasya

Toya Devasya Attractions very beautiful flowers are blooming radiant which should be visited soon. Many things are continuously improved for the satisfaction of the tourists. The cold-pressed I Ketut Mardjana revenue Toya Devasya continues to increase every year. In effect, the multiplier effect economy also flows to all the inhabitants around Toya Devasya. 

Before the construction of Toya Devasya, the area was isolated. Beautiful yet not much to know and hardly anyone visit. Toya Devasya gives grace to all, the community is lifted and tourists and tourists become healthy after a tour in Toya Devasya.

It was established as a tourist attraction of Toya Devasya Hot spring Since 1998 and remains exist until now. It even remains the top row of Kintamani’s popular attractions. The development of Toya Devasya is very rapid. It is called “the main destination” among foreign and domestic tourists. Currently recorded 98% of visitors are foreign tourists. 

Toya Devasya’s Allure

The meaning of the name Toya Devasya is the gift of the creator of the universe. Bathing there tub is in Paradise Water park, that is the picture of the heat of the pond hot spring Toya Devasya. The water is fresh and is able to make the muscles relax. So, it can increase your health. In addition, the natural panorama also pampers your eyes. 

Mount Batur Sunrise Trek Natural Hot Spring

The first time you set foot in Toya Devasya bathing area, you will be amazed by the natural charm. The Viewnya is not enough if it is only described in words. How not, the pond is surrounded by a magnificent natural scenery. In front of the pond is clearly the splendor of Mount Abang, the backdrop is Mount Batur.  Pool position is also very perfectly on the edge of Lake Batur surrounded by the hills of Kintamani.

Culinary in Toya Devasya

At Toya Devasya, you also find life cooking. Many varieties of cuisine that can be found in front of the eyes include European foods, Chinese foods, Indian to vegetarian. Not to be missed culinary Nusantara must also be listed on the menu, the most special is a variety of dishes from “Nyat-Nyat fish”. This fish is a kind of Bader fish which is very sweet meat and fresh taste.

To relax, Toya Devasya also has a coffee house that is suitable to accompany the light chat of the tourists. With an excellent service and completeness of the facilities, the tourists will get health, natural beauty, and the satisfaction of traveling is unforgettable. 

Camping Resort

Carrying the concept of back to nature, after tired of many activities, you can do the most beautiful camping in Toya Devasya. Toya Devasya is very skilled in choosing interesting ideas in terms of lodging, carrying the concept of nature (back to nature) in the form of tents makes it a prime choice for nature lovers. 

Mount Batur Camping

Not only nature lover, the public tourists can also feel the fun experience because the arrangement is very comfortable. Tents offered include an executive tent equipped with a spring bed, a bed cover and a table lamp, then a regular tent equipped with mattress and sleeping bag. For those who worry about sleeping in the wild, there are facilities when exclusive to you.  

Not only that, Toya Devasya also offers complementary facilities with a spa concept that is Ayurvedic, spa massage, yoga, meditation and aquaribic. This Ayurvedic spa concept is really healthy and refreshing for the body. It will be a wonderful and healthy holiday. Happy visit and Happy holidays.

Booking Information

Address: Jl. Raya Seminyak No.24, Seminyak, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung.
WhatsApp: +6281246382362
Phone: +6281246382362

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